Vilac 100 Piece Wooden Construction Set

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Vilac 100 Piece Wooden Construction Set
Vilac 100 Piece Wooden Construction Set
Make many wooden constructions with this Batibloc Color box from the Vilac brand!

This box includes 100 wooden planks, of the same shape and size, 40 natural planks and 60 colored planks . Each of the wooden planks measures 10.4 cm in length and 2 cm in width.

Be coordinated, meticulous, focused and give free rein to your imagination to make many wooden creations. To do this, all you have to do is stack the different planks either vertically, horizontally or even diagonally to create a building, a figure, an object, an architecture... Let your creativity speak for itself. Create endlessly!

French made.

Material : Solid beech.
Building models included

Minimum age : 3 years old

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