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The Rainbow Board Book

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The Rainbow Board Book

Toddlers love brightly colored books and this particular book teaches colors AND trains which toddlers also love. The accordion style of this book also allows toddlers to pull it along the floor much like a train. The story continues onto the back of the board book as well.

With a rhyming scheme and onomatopoeias, there is a lot of opportunity for learning in this board book as well. It is shaped so the pages form the shape of a rainbow when the book is closed. The color words are in the color that is stated, for example, the word red is in the color red. The pages also explain the parts of a train including the tender, boxcar, and caboose.

The pages also include various animals to point out and find on the train cars which makes it fun for kids as well. Colors and trains are a hit with toddlers and this fun, pull-out board book will be a favorite.

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