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The Boo Boos of Bluebell Elementary

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The Boo Boos of Bluebell Elementary

A rollicking read-aloud featuring a wide cast of characters coming to the school nurse for help with their hilariously dramatic bumps, runny noses, and many other colorful complaints!

Kids at Bluebell don’t feel well—
Gus is sad, and Benny fell. 
Splinters, lice, a paper cut, 
throw-up, bumps, a hungry gut. 
Charlee’s tooth won’t wiggle free!
But there's someone to go to—Miss Peatree!

The big feelings and minor dilemmas of elementary school are no match for this hilarious, delightful cast of characters and the untiring compassion of Miss Peatree. One after another, students pile into her office to get fixed up—whether they need a Band-Aid for a bumped knee or a solution for a touch of homesickness. Even the principal visits with an urgent paper cut!

With irresistible, hilarious rhyme and endlessly lively art, Chelsea Lin Wallace and Alison Farrell showcase the humor of elementary school's many little problems and the gentle good sense that puts everything right.

hardcover, 60 pages

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