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Stabilo Individual Woody 3 in 1 Color Pencil

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Stabilo Individual Woody 3 in 1 Color Pencil

The STABILO Woody is a colored pencil, watercolor and wax crayon all in one. The extra-thick break-resistant 10mm lead comes in 18 rich highly-pigmented colors which work well on light and dark paper, and are especially suitable for small hands. The lead is wrapped up in a pencil-like wooden barrel which stops the lead breaking up into bits like traditional crayons.

These are fabulously cute pencils which are a joy to use. Fatter, broader color than a pencil; more convenient and less messy than a traditional wax crayon - the chunky lead has bright water-soluble pigment and the large diameter wooden case is comfortable to use. Non-toxic of course. Will also write on glass and most surfaces. Frequently used in commercial settings for marking up non-porous materials for cutting, as it easily wipes off.

Price is for one pencil.  Please choose your color.


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