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Open the Joy Secret Kindness Mission Cards

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Open the Joy Secret Kindness Mission Cards

Good Evening, Agent: Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to spread joy!

  • Fun and Rewarding Missions: Missions include simple tasks such as “give 5 people a genuine compliment today”, that can be done with little to no adult help to promote independence, and also includes bigger tasks such as "Clean up a local nature trail" that will require more planning but will leave kids with a huge sense of accomplishment.

  • Become an Agent: Designed with a “secret agent” theme to make kindness important, meaningful and fun!

  • Go for the Goal: Kids can complete all missions and apply to be featured on the “Joy Spreader’s Hall of Fame!”

  • Work alone or assemble a team: Can be done independently, as a family, or as a group of friends.

  • Build Emotional Intelligence: Increases a child's empathy, social skills, gratitude, and compassion.

  • Develop Optimism: Promotes a happy and healthy attitude.

Cards Include: 
56 “Secret Missions” to make the world a kinder place.
Ages 4+

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