Oli & Carol Jose Antonio Kiwi Teether

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Oli & Carol Jose Antonio Kiwi Teether
Oli & Carol Jose Antonio Kiwi Teether

José Antonio the Kiwi is a mini teether perfect for babies. Designed with an ergonomic shape that makes it easy to hold when used as a teether. Little ones will discover very realistic textures and raised points, making it very pleasant while soothing teething gums. Introduce children to a healthy lifestyle with kiwi!

Hanger-t-1_Mesa de trabajo 1.pngEasy to hang on a pacifier holder - take your teether everywhere!

IJr-F2ap1wf7lyGjSukloW9nheaXwTDDVJpl2BRqVDNh8EQTNncVgQnH1lZY9b_8aXuXX3XvdWWJm535TzB_Z30k_JAVDYWMKKLSoQ52ZAmGf1d9vH_IhRi10AIH5rbk8F_xa8xtX5L4SPtBsQDid you know that kiwis have one of the highest nutritional values of all fruits? They contain over 20 essential vitamins and minerals, more than almost any fruit we know of!

This Chewy-to-Go baby pacifier teether helps babies' natural palate and jaw development while stimulating their senses. Each teether is handmade one at a time with 100% natural rubber and hand-painted with natural pigments - the perfect sustainable gift for newborns!

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