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Klutz Sew Mini Treats

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Klutz Sew Mini Treats

Sew Mini Treats

More Than 18 Food Plushies to Stitch & Stuff

Stitch and stuff your favorite plush foods with Sew Mini Treats!

Make your own felt food with fabulous faces.

Includes instructions, patterns, and materials for more than 18 cheerful, itty‑bitty food items as well as tips and tricks to customize your own designs.

It’s an instant recipe for fun!

Age 10+


What You Can Make

- Toaster Pastry.

- Chocolate Chip Cookie.

- Egg.

- Bacon.

- Lime.

- Orange.

- Ice Cream Cone.

- Pineapple.

- Lemon.

- Apple.

- Pear.

- Cupcake.

- Toast.

- Popsicle.

- Watermelon.

- Pizza.

- Carrot.

- Strawberry.

What You Get

- 48-page book of detailed instructions and inspiration.

- 3 pages of paper patterns.

- 12 sheets of acrylic felt.

- 32 yds of cotton floss.

- 30 pre-cut acrylic felt eyes and cheeks.

- 2 embroidery needles.

- 1 oz of polyfill stuffing.

Other Stuff You'll Need:

- Scissors.

Crystal Clear Instructions

Learn to sew by following our 48-pages of step-by-step instructions to create your own felt food friends.

From tracing and cutting to threading and stuffing, each page is filled with tips and tricks to turn you into a Mini Treats Chef.

Cuteness Guaranteed

Create polished little treats each time, using the pre-cut eyes and cheeks to customize your creations.

Learn the simple stitching skills to give your treats personality with smiles, winks, squints or frowns.

And top them off with sprinkles, frosting, jelly or even cherries!

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