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Spike Fidget Pencil Topper Or Gripper Misc

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Spike Fidget Pencil Topper Or Gripper Misc
Spike Fidget Pencil Topper Or Gripper Misc

SPIKE is every student's sensory sidekick! Stick SPIKE on your pencil and twirl, squeeze and squish away while studying, quietly and without disruption. SPIKE can also easily fit in the palm of your hand as a discreet fidget tool. Everyone young and old can enjoy SPIKE, especially those with Autism Spectrum Disorder, anxiety, focusing issues, ADD, ADHD, sensory processing disorders and other attention issues. Perfect for classroom, home or office, as they are quiet and non-distracting for others. Stay focused with SPIKE!  

Spike adds girth to the pencil making it easier fingers to comfortably grip and write with pencils, pens and more. Spike also adds weight to #2 pencil providing some more sensory feedback to the hand while writing, which helps strengthen fingers while writing. Kinesthetic learners will find these grippers and toppers extremely helpful classroom settings as well. 

Ages 6+

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