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Poppik Discovery Stickers Dinosaurs

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Poppik Discovery Stickers Dinosaurs
Poppik Discovery Stickers Dinosaurs

Create your own brilliant, educational dinosaur poster, using re-usable stickers by Poppik.

Simply place the 35 large dinosaur stickers on the poster, following the numbers indicated. Memorise the names of the dinosaurs without effort.

A wonderful poster for children, to learn whilst having fun.

The numbered codes makes it easy to recognise the right place for each animal. All animals are named and classified according to the period they lived: Triassic, Cretaceous or Jurassic and represent herbivores and carnivores.

Encourages and develops curiosity and knowledge as well as observational skills. Play in groups or on your own. This learning activity is easy, promotes concentration and calm. Once complete, frame or stick directly on to your wall.

This set includes: 1 poster and 35 stickers

Age: 5+ 

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