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Petit Collage Busy Ideas Activity Cards Kitchen

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Petit Collage Busy Ideas Activity Cards Kitchen
Need some inspiration to turn a dull day into a fun day? Pick a card from Busy Ideas for Bored Kids: Kitchen Edition! From creative chef to food scientist, this pack includes 50 fun ideas to inspire play that will keep boredom at bay. How about making a simple syrup to create your own lemonade? Or wafting fragrant food under your friend’s nose to see if they can guess what it is? And how about a round of berry tic-tac-toe? Who says you can’t play with your food! Choose cards with the scales icon if you’re feeling curious, the rainbow icon if you’re feeling creative, or the apple icon if you’re in the mood to make something tasty. If you don’t like the first activity you pick, then pick again! Perfect for ages 4+, this set offers plenty of ways to keep kids entertained. Made using FSC paper and printed with vegetable inks. Plastic-free packaging.

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