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Nourishing Notes Coloring Placemats Food Superhero

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Nourishing Notes Coloring Placemats Food Superhero

Placemats / Activity Sheets / “Please sit here and do this while I get food on the table” - whatever you want to call it, we call it FUN. Food is exciting, or at least it can be. We’ve done the work to turn your average foods into Superheroes, all you need to do grab some crayons and hand it over to your little one. Each sheet includes writing and drawing prompts for the older kiddos (or grown ups!) and lots of room to scribble and color for the younger ones.

Ingredients : 
15 sheets
3 different Food Superheroes (Potato, Apple, and Egg)
5 sheets of each Superhero

14” x 10” 
Printed in Chicago on recycled paper

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