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Eeboo 5 Progressive Puzzles Good Deeds

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Eeboo 5 Progressive Puzzles Good Deeds
Eeboo 5 Progressive Puzzles Good Deeds
Good Deeds Ready to Grow Progressive Puzzle set includes 5 different puzzles of varying complexity. The colorful and humorous illustrations of people and animals doing nice, kind deeds for one another are featured on each puzzle. Each puzzle has a uniquely-colored background and border to aid in sorting the pieces, a first step in completion.

The step-by-step mastery of the simpler puzzles encourages children to meet the challenges of increasingly difficult puzzles, building confidence and creating a sense of accomplishment. This set contains a 3, 4, 6, 9 and 12-piece puzzles. Completed puzzles are approximately 8” wide in size.

Age: 3+
Quality: Each puzzle piece is thick and sturdy.
Included: 5 puzzles
Puzzle size: Completed puzzles are approximately 8” in size.
Sustainably Sourced: Made with recycled board and printed on FSC®-certified paper using vegetable-based inks.

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