Bright Littles Feelings Journal

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Bright Littles Feelings Journal

Our Feelings Journal is an interactive guide to help talk through and process  emotions, big and small. We all have feelings, and it's healthy to talk about them! The Feelings Journal is designed to be completed over time, to encourage thoughtful and engaged conversations with your Littles. They can work at their own pace to earn badges in topics including: 

  • Compassion and empathy
  • Overcoming fears
  • Prioritizing Mental Health

Through activities, games, and thoughtful callouts for caregivers,  the Bright Littles Feelings Journal is an exciting and playful way to prepare our littles for the big world we live in. Created by a Mom, our award-winning conversation journals make a perfect gift.

  • Great for ages 4 and up
  • Created with Learning Scientists and PhDs
  • Engaging games & questions to spark creative conversations
  • Reward badges for completing activities 
  • Meaningful tips to help caregivers open and continue the conversation

Our prompts and activities have been researched and validated by child therapists, PhDs, leaders in the community, parents, and of course, kids. Enabling interactive learning is core to each Bright Littles Convo Journal.

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